Bill of Materials…

Description Manufacturer Part Number
Chassis and Suspension
Rear end, 9″, 31 spline axles Currie GMA6872X
3rd member housing, bearings & yoke Yukon YP DOF9-2-306
9″ True Trac 31 spline Eaton 913A328
Level 2 air ride system Ride Tech 11240299
Front 1 3/8″ and Rear 1″ sway bar Hotchkis 2202
Trailing arm brace Hotchkis 1402
Tie rod end sleeves Hotchkis 1601
Front brakes, 14″, 6 piston Wilwood 140-9804-DR
Rear brakes, 11″, 4 piston, w/parking Wilwood 140-11389-DR
18″ Front wheels 9″ wide Rushforth
Azenis 255/40R18 Falken 181970
18 “Rear wheels 10” wide Rushforth
Azenis 295/40R18 Falken 207170
Square fame Bailey’s Towing
Bump stops Energy Suspension 9-9132G
Tie rod end boots (4) Energy Suspension 9.13101
Level sensors RideTech 30400034
Brake lines 3/16 steel 25 ft Summit 220136
.250 Hose clips set of 10 (2) Summit G1880
3 AN tube nut (6) Aeroquip FBM3591
3 AN tube sleeve package of 6 Aeroquip FBM3667
SS Braided line 14″ 3 AN (3) Aeroquip FBPA0030-14
1/8 pipe to 3 AN 90 (2) Aeroquip FBM2610
1/8 pipe to 3 AN (2) Aeroquip FBM2511
3 AN to inv flare bulkhead pair (2) Aeroquip FBM2936
Inverted flare nuts set of 16 Summit 220137
3 AN bulkhead tee (2) Earls 963403ERL
3 AN bulkhead nut Earls 502403ERL
Prop valve Wilwood 260-11179
E-Brake cables foot Lokar EC-8001U
E-Brake cables brake Lokar EC-81FU
Male inv. flare to male 3 AN pair (2) Earls 581531ERL
SS Braided line 14″ 3 AN Aeroquip FBPA0039-14
SS Braided line 16″ 3 AN Aeroquip FBPA0039-16
SS Braided line 30″ 3 AN Aeroquip FBPA0039-30
Brake fitting 1/2-20 to 3 AN Fragola 650305
Brake fitting 9/16-18 to 3 AN Fragola 650306
Brake fitting 9/16-20 to 3 AN Fragola 650309
Heat wrap for SS braided 1/2″ x 3′ Summit 350115
1/8 pipe to 3 AN (2) Aeroquip FBM2511
Master cylinder Wilwood 260-4893
Fuel line 10 AN 3 ft Aeroquip FCA1003
Fuel line 8 AN 15 ft (2) Aeroquip FCA0815
.635 Hose clips set of 10 (2) Summit G1883
.875 Hose clips set of 10 (2) Summit G1885
Carb adapter 8 AN female to 7/8-20 (2) Earls AT915383LERL
1/2 pipe to 10 AN Aeroquip FBM5009
10 AN straight hose end (3) Aeroquip FBM4414
10 AN 90 hose end Aeroquip FBM4434
1/2 pipe plug (3) Performance Stainless 1022
3/8 pipe plug (5) Performance Stainless 1023
8 AN tee Earls AT982408ERL
8 AN tee female on the run Earls AT926108ERL
8 AN straight hose end (9) Aeroquip FBM4413
8 AN 90 hose end (2) Aeroquip FBM4433
8 AN 180 hose end Aeroquip FBM4463
Fuel tank sump 1/2 NPT Competition Engineering 4041
Fuel tank sealer Por-15 FTRK
Fuel pump Weldon A2005-C
Regulator Weldon A2040-281-A-15
Fuel pressure gauge Fragola 900001
Fuel pump controller Weldon 14000
10 AN 40m fuel filter Weldon WEQ1040CLN
8 AN 10m fuel filter Weldon WEQ0810CLN
Fuel pump mounting strap (3) Weldon TC250-100
8 AN bulkhead fitting Summit SUM-220837B
Fuel tank bulkhead fitting Summit SUM-220882B
8 AN tube nut pair Summit SUM-220833-2B
8 AN tube sleeve Summit SUM-220834-2B
1/2″ Aluminum fuel line Summit SUM-G2512
8 AN O-ring to 10 AN Earls AT985009ERL
10 AN O-ring to 10 AN (2) Earls AT985010ERL
8 AN O-ring to 8 AN (2) Earls AT985008ERL
10 AN O-ring to 8 AN Earls AT985081ERL
10 AN O-ring plug Earls AT981410ERL
Fuel sending unit 0-90 ohms Right Stuff CSU6801
8 AN hose separators pair (2) Earls 167010ERL
1/8 NPT to 4 AN 90 degree Aeroquip FBM5031
8 AN O-ring to 8 AN 90 degree Aeroquip AT949008ERL
Regulator spring Weldon 2040-6
6 AN O-ring to 8 AN male (2) Fragola 495102-BL
8 AN female to 8 AN female Summit 220841B
Nitrous Kit Edelbrock 70050
Nitrous fuel pump NOS 15760NOS
5/16″ fuel line Dayco 80060
Fuel filter Russel 645070
Fuel line clamps Summit G1881
Nitrous bottle opener Edelbrock 72950
Nitrous vent tube adapter Edelbrock 72961
Nitrous bottle gauge Edelbrock 73800
6 AN to1/4 NPT filtered (red) Edelbrock 76544
4 AN to1/4 NPT filtered (blue) Edelbrock 76516
6 AN to 5/16 barb Summit 220769N
4 AN to 3 AN braided hose 8 in long Fragola 390008-5BU
RPM window switch MSD 8956
Nitrous purge kit Edelbrock 72176
EFI fuel tank Tanks, Inc TM34B-T
Fuel tank cap Tanks, Inc TC-DC
Fuel sending unit 0-90 ohms Tanks, Inc TAN-GML
GPA series fuel pump 255 lph Tanks, Inc GPA-4
-8 AN Male to 1/4 in. NPT (2) Aeroquip FBM5006
Power Steering
PS gear input seal Duralast 7095
PS cooler Duralast 911009
PS filter Duralast 2210
PS return hose 3/8″ x 6 ft Duralast 71206
PS 3/8″ tee Duralast 55108
Power steering hose Duralast 70230
Power steering pump Summit 340104
Rack and Pinion Unisteer 8010740-01
Pistons and rings Keith Black IC787KTD-070
Cam Comp Cams 11-443-8
Lifters Comp Cams 854S-16
Rocker repair Comp Cams
Steel Retainers Comp Cams 741-16
Springs Comp Cams 930-16
Spring Locators Comp Cams 4776-16
Locks Comp Cams 613-16
Seals Comp Cams 529-16
Shortblock and heads rebuild R&R
Poly locks Comp Cams 4600-16
Oil Pump Moroso 22185
Valve covers tall Edelbrock 41803
Pushrods Comp Cams 7815-16
Water pump gasket Edelbrock 7252
Dipstick Moroso 25970
Head gaskets (2) Felpro 1017-1
Oil pan gasket Felpro 1884R
Balancer 8″ SFI Fluidamper 800101
Air cleaner Edelbrock 41613
Valve cover gaskets Edelbrock 7580
Spark plugs (8) Autolite 3924
Breather Edelbrock 42133
Intake gasket Edelbrock 7203
Intake bolts (3/8″ hex head) ARP 623-1250
Valve cover bolts (2) ARP 400-7507
Intake manifold Edelbrock 7561
195 Thermostat Mr Gasket 4365
Distributor gear MSD 8531
Water neck gasket Felpro 35062
Torque lube ARP 100-9910
Oil pan small bolts ARP 621-0750
Valve cover long bolts ARP 400-7523
Valve cover short bolts (2) ARP 621-1000
Cap and hold down MSD 84333
O-Rings MSD 8494
3/8 stainless pipe plug (3) Performance Stainless 1023
1/2 stainless pipe plug (4) Performance Stainless 1022
Ait filter base gasket Felpro Q60038
Water neck Mr Gasket 2661
Magnetic pick up MSD 84661
Spring kit MSD 8464
Oil filter Fram PH30
Headers 1 7/8″ Patriot H8013-1
Header bolts 6 point Stage 8 8912A
Timing pointer 8″ Summit 164800
Oil filter Royal Purple 10-454
Engine oil 10W30 (8 quarts) Royal Purple 01130
Starter solenoid Powermaster 601
Vaccum fitting Performance Stainless 1051
Phaseable rotor MSD 84211
MSD Atomic EFI MSD 2910
1310 – 1350 u joint Precision 348
1330 u joint Precision 270
Dowel pins .007 Lakewood 15920
Clutch Centerforce DF612909
Throw out bearing Hayes 70-201
TKO rear seal National Seal 7300S
Bellhousing boot Lakewood 15510
1350 u joint straps Moroso 85080
Synchromax (3 quarts) Royal Purple 01512
Oil 10W30 (8 quarts) Royal Purple 01130
Max Gear 75W90 (3 quarts) Royal Purple 01300
Driveshaft Inland Empire ALU-1350-35C
1/4 NPT to 3/8 nipple Earls AT984006ERL
Engine Accessories
Carburetor rebuild kit Holley 37-934
Crank, alt and water pump pulleys March 7640
Water pump pulley cover March 314
PS pulley March 616
PS pulley cover March 360
Alt fan March 221
Alt brackets March 20125
PS bracket March 20151
Alternator 140 amp Powermaster 47294
Water pump, 1.875″ inlet Edelbrock 8851
42.5 Alt belt 6 rib Goodyear 4060423
39.5 PS belt 5 rib Goodyear 4050395
Spark plug wires black MSD 31193
Coil MSD 8207
Looms R&M 1102-90-S
3″ Exhaust, stainless Magnaflow 15898
Catalitic converters, 4″ dia x 8″ length Magnaflow 59959
Power steering fluid (4 12 oz) Royal Purple 01326
Remainder of exhaust Lou’s custom
PCV valve Summit 440308
Carb spacer Holley 108-12
3.5″ Tips (2) Magnaflow 35206
3″ cutouts Magnaflow 10785
Starter heat shield Moroso 74299
Throttle cable bracket Lokar SRK-4000
Radiator fan and catch can Griffin 8-10000
Radiator cap, lever Stant 431-10330
Radiator support panel, 4 bolt Mr. Gasket 5183G
Radiator, 1.5″ upper, 1.75″ lower Griffin 8-00008
Heater hose to manifold 5/8″ Goodyear 65071
Heater hose return to water pump 3/4″ Goodyear 65072
Molded bypass hose Goodyear 63060
1/2 NPT to 3/4 hose barb (3) Performance Stainless 1003
1/2 NPT to 5/8 hose barb Performance Stainless 1001
Radiator hose lower 1 1/2″ – 1 3/4″ Goodyear 60901
Radiator hose lower 1 23/32″ Goodyear 62279
Radiator hose upper 1 1/2″ Goodyear 60867
Radiator bushings Prothane 7-1712-BL
50mm OD Spring hose clamp Rotor Clip CTB-50ST FK
24mm OD Spring hose clamp Rotor Clip CTB-24ST FK
19mm OD Spring hose clamp Rotor Clip CTB-19ST FK
22mm OD Spring hose clamp Rotor Clip CTB-22ST FK
27mm OD Spring hose clamp Rotor Clip CTB-27ST FK
Radiator ties Keyser 100-2750
Mirrors Bullet mirrors
Right inner rocker panel Goodmark 4032-460-68R
Left inner rocker panel Goodmark 4032-460-68L
Right outer rocker panel Goodmark 4032-470-68R
Left outer rocker panel Goodmark 4032-470-68L
Rear quarter patch panels Goodmark 4032-690-69L/R
Rear wheel inner fenders (outer) Goodmark 4032-675-68L/R
Rear wheel inner fenders (inner) Goodmark 4032-670-68L/R
Body mounts Energy Suspension 3-4170G
Front inner fenders Goodmark 4032-350-68L/R
Front fenders Goodmark 4032-100-69L/R
Cowl patch panel Ground Up RCP-7L
Trunk gutter Ground Up RTG-8A
Rear wheel patch panels Goodmark 4032-650-68L/R
Floor pans Goodmark 4032-505-68L/R
Upper control arm bolts Ground Up BPX-0918
Truck bed liner SEM Rock-it
Trunk extension Goodmark 4032-735-69R
Engine and transmission mount Energy Suspension 3.1122G
Removeable harness bar kit Chassisworks 7035
Pro Street Door Bars Jegster 550-940008
Roll bar gussets Competition Engineering C3172
Trunk release cable Electric Life 94400
Door release lock Electric Life 94310
Tail panel Yearone RF30
Door striker (2) Goodmark 4030-606-64
Windshield OPGI CH28421
Rear glass OPGI CH27023
Windshield trim Yearone WR682
Rear glass trim OPGI C990163
Windshiled trim clips OPGI I95598
Rear glass trim clips OPGI H36586
Front spoiler (pro touring) Spoilers by Randy
Door mirror glass, passenger Dorman 51036
Door mirror glass, passenger Dorman 51002
Tow hooks (2) Competition Engineering 3440
Vinyl stripes
Window tint
Wiring harness Painless 20102
H4 Conversion bulb pair (H5006) Hella 002850811
H1 Conversion bulb pair (H5001) Hella 002425811
H4 Bulbs Xtreme white plus 4000K PIAA 15224
H1 Bulbs Xtreme white plus 4000K PIAA 11655
Battery (Red) 34/78 Optima 9004-003
Car alarm with starter Viper 5704v
Dashboard Classic Dash
Gauge set New Vintage 09600-35
A/F gauge New Vintage 06191-35
Fuel Pressure Gauge New Vintage 06197-35
LEDs Classic Dash 500626
Speedo sending unit Summit racing 800600FMC
Relays for door poppers (3) PICO 5591PT
Relays for head lights (2) PICO 5591PT
Relays for 8 channel relay box (8) PICO 5591PT
Relay for horn PICO 5591PT
Door popper momentary buttons Dorman 85984
Horn Hella 3399801
Door jamb switch (2) Duralast SW101
Headlight switch Duralast SW141
.125 Powerbraid x 20′ Painless 70910
.25 Powerbraid x 20′ Painless 70901
.5 Powerbraid x 10′ Painless 70902
.75 Powerbraid x 6′ Painless 70903
1 Powerbraid x 12′ Painless 70916
Dimmer switch Standard Motor Products DS72
Momentary swith Dragonfire racing
Toggle switch (4) Daystar KU80014
3rd brake light Hella ( HL23101
Wiper switch OER 1993464
Headlight knob OER 3954210
Headlight knob retainer OPG 99L0109
Wiper pump OPGI CH26136
Washer bottle OPGI PZ00700
Washer bottle cap OPGI PZ00702
Tail light extention gasket to body OPGI AM51981
Glove box bumper OPGI CH30164
Heater resistor OPGI PP00092
Wiper switch OPGI CH26135
License plate light Goodmark 4011-886-66
Headlight adjustment kit Goodmark 4032-069-69S
Ignition switch ACDelco D1405B
Radar detector Passport 8500ci
Subs, 12″ 4 ohm SVC (2) Boston Acoustics 12.5LF
Amp, 1000W x 1 Alpine MRD-M1005
Amp, 125W x 4 Alpine MRV-F545
Speakers, front, 6″ component Alpine SPR-60C
Speakers, rear, 6×9″ coaxial Alpine SPR-69
Deck Alpine ICS-X7HD
Engine Mounts Goodmark 4032-335-68L/R
Firewall insulation Yearone PA662
Heater core seal kit OPGI CH17264
Body mount bolts Goodmark 4032-990-684S
Door sill plates Yearone SP68LHRH
Door sill plate screws Yearone A2710
Heater control lens Yearone DJ53
Tail lights lenses Yearone 96
Headliner insulation Yearone HLJ2
Firewall carpet guard Yearone FC68
Ignition lock Yearone HP796
Oval body plugs (3) Yearone A770
Round body plugs, pair Yearone A771
Door screws Yearone DS674
Front end hardware kit Yearone ID127
Heater box Yearone YD64
Heater core Vista-Pro 398229
Latch support Yearone HL68
Trunk actuator eBay OEM
GM decal (2) Yearone QA4
Trunk bumper (2) Yearone 98NP
Door weatherstrips Yearone CC118
Door jam pillar seals Yearone C2913
Trunk weather strip Yearone CC100
Roof rail weatherstrips Yearone CC176
Glass sealing weatherstrips Yearone TW690C
Steering column seal Yearone CC5161
Door bolt Yearone DZ23
Door bumpers (2 pair) Yearone 60NP
Z-bar nylon insert Yearone 9851N
Z-bar retainer spring Yearone 9876N
Cluth fork push rod Yearone HA896
Z-bar felt seal Yearone 9873N
Return spring Yearone TW3460
Pilot bearing Yearone 8685N
Cowl seal Yearone CC5077S
Hood real seal Yearone CC5070A
Clutch boot Yearone RP32C
Pedal box bushings Yearone PB83
Clutch pedal pad Yearone 35NR
Brake pedal pad Yearone RU13M
E brake pedal pad Yearone 34N
Gas pedal pad Yearone 743N
Fisher body manual ebay OEM
Door rebuild kit Yearone RU1115R
Parking brake release handle OPGI PP78927
Clutch and brake rubber stops OPGI MMP5220
Clutch push rod clips (2) OPGI PZ00803
Brake switch Yearone BL2450
Steering wheel adapter Yearone QX4
Horn contact and cancelling cam SS396 IK-8
Bearing preload spring Yearone 45347N
Lock plate eBay
Lock plate retaining ring Yearone 45349N
Cowl screen grille sets Yearone 0H4510
Key covers (2) Yearone KT12
Tail light extention gaskets Yearone WU346
Tail light gaskets Yearone CC5211
Quarter glass weatherstriping Yearone CC101F
Dome light lense SS396 IBB-0138
Seat covers pair OPGI UPH95
Seat back piping OPGI CHV0259
Seat back ends OPGI DK0254
Seat foam pair OPGI SF00020-PR
Hog rings OPGI 759525
Grille support brackets eBay
Grille hardware eBay
Antenna lead eBay
Fender cup washers eBay
Hood bolts eBay
Extra fender bolts eBay
Hood adjusters eBay
Hoos springs eBay
Parking lights eBay
Headliner insulation Dynamat 11102
Power Windows Front Electric Life GM901-K
Power Windows Rear Electric Life GM94-7072-K
Buttons (2) Electric Life 99020-B
Shaved door handle kit Electric Life 99800
Door wire looms Electric Life 94201
Dynamat Yearone DM20455
Carpet Yearone 6872ABLK40
Glove box Yearone GS068
Door panels, black Yearone DF069M10
Rear door panels, black Yearone DQ069M10C
Door panel retainers Yearone 9995KIT
Rear package tray OPGI RSS56BK
Headliner bows Yearone WR68
Headliner and sails Yearone PH069100R
Shifter ball Hurst 1630008
Shifter boot Hurst 1148429
E-brake boot Lokar 70EHBF
Door panel clips and screws OPGI K53311
Door Jam windlace SS396 IJW-968
Ebrake handle, 11″, trans mount Lokar EHB-7011
Dash pad OPGI PD00089BK
Seatbelts (2) Ridetech 49999999
Fire extinguisher Smittybilt 769540
Fire extinguisher holder Kidde FA110
Roll bar gromets (2) Seals-It GS1003-20
Center console upholstery
Glass install Portland Glass
Sun visor support brackets eBay
Sun visor mirror eBay
Seat adjustment knob eBay
Seat release button eBay
Seat Bumper Stop eBay