September, 2016

Upgrades since last update:

  • Spal/Griffin dual 12″ fan shroud combo (stopped over heating while in traffic!)
  • CPP Hydraboost master cylinder (holy shit my brakes are amazing now!)
  • Ridetech rear upper adjustable control arms (no more highway vibrations!)
  • Tanks Inc. EFI tank and in-tank fuel pump (so much quieter and cleaner!)
  • Centerforce billet steel flywheel (no more lag off the line!)
  • Royal purple 20-50W oil (much better oil pressure while at idle!)
  • Installed a cup holder in center console (cell phone holder!)

Total man-hours: 1150

To do in 2017:

  • Billet hood hinges
  • Respray driver front fender and door
  • Add some interior accent lighting for rocker switches
  • Finish nitrous installation
  • Fix some leaks

October 4, 2015

Began installation of a rack and pinion system to replace the old-style steering box.

Installed Ridetech LevelPRO sensors to get a more repeatable ride height.

Total man-hours: 1134

August 16, 2015

Installed vinyl pin stripes.

Total man-hours: 1126

August 2, 2015

Installed vinyl side stripes.

Painted hood and trunk stripes.

Total man-hours: 1120

July 7, 2015

Painted and installed the hood and front bumper. Currently working on my punch list.

Total man-hours: 1100

June 26, 2015

Body worked the heat extractors on the hood.

Finished installing the interior.

Total man-hours: 1086

June 15, 2015

Refabricated the heat extractors on the hood.

Installed the grille.

Installed my Rushforth Night Train Wheels!!!

Also: Installed hood hinges, radar sensor, sun visors and sandblasted bumper brackets.

Total man-hours: 1056

June 1, 2015

Over the past year (again, sorry):

Reupholstered the front seats.

Fixed the door gap between driver’s side door and front fender. Repainted both components and nose panel.

Installed headliner and got center console upholstered.

Began to assemble front end and got glass installed.


Got stuck on the front power windows not going up all the way, added a little nitrous, got side tracked on another project, bought a house, and almost finished my MBA!

Total man-hours: 1026

July 21, 2014

Over the past year:

I repainted the entire car due to yellowing of the body filler showing through the paint and some minor rust bubbles over the windows.

After tying to build my own from scratch, I bought and modified a fiberglass center console including a new parking brake. Installed dash panel and heater cables.

Installed the rear interior and driver’s door panel including door poppers and electric window.

Painted and installed the rear bumper.


Hung drivers side fender, installed headlights and driving lights, installed windshield wiper motor, tail light extensions, carpet, seat belts and wired center console.

Total man-hours: 906

August 18, 2013

I pulled the trigger on EFI so that required a new camshaft and starter. While the intake was off I gasket matched it to the heads.

Started to section the rear bumper.

Also installed a new master cylinder and wiper motor.

Total man-hours: 806

July 7, 2013

Spent 40 hours in the past four days:

    • putting on and aligning doors and mirrors
    • wiring A/F and fuel pressure gauges
    • sandblasting, painting and installing hood latch and support
    • smoothing and painting inner fenders and rubberizing battery tray
    • installing Hella Supertone horns
    • running engine compartment and battery wiring, including installing a circuit breaker for amps
    • installing a third brake light
    • installing some rebuilt rockers (oops) and a stud girdle
    • running PCV and brake booster lines
    • smoothing and painting shifter handle and ball
    • painting glove box door
    • replacing heater core
    • realigning trunk panels for a better fit
    • wiring the tail lights
    • sandblasting and painting the tail light bezels
    • and staring headlight wiring

Picture of Magnaflow 3″ exhaust with cats and electric cut-outs

Total man-hours: 766

May 30, 2013

Many more hours of wiring the Painless harness and alarm, power windows, door poppers, accessory switches and gauges.

Installed a release cable on trunk actuator in case battery dies.

Modified kick panels to accept Alpine 6.5″ component speakers.

Installed the e-brake in the center console due to the kick panel speakers.

Also installed rear quarter glass, transmission wiring and got exhaust completed by Lou’s Custom (pics coming soon).

Total man-hours: 726

April 19, 2013

Spring update.

Spent 10 hours building paneling for the truck.

Spent 6 hours welding in roll bar and swing out harness bar.

Spent 8 hours installing the pedals, throttle cable, brake booster, master cylinder, line lock and steering column.

Spent about 8 hours mounting electrical components and wiring.

Also spent 20 hours installing Dynamat, rear power windows, rear speakers, real deck lid, headliner trim, heater box, MSD ignigtion and coil, glove box and some weather stripping.

Total man-hours: 684

November 12, 2012

Mated and aligned the body onto the chassis (3 years and 3 months later).

Total man-hours: 632

October 17, 2012

Racing season is over and it’s back to bodywork.

During the summer I installed the radiator support and radiator and fired up the engine to break it in. Also got a new Tremec TKO-600 transmission and have been working on a side project to avoid bodywork at all costs.

Total man-hours: 532

April 22, 2012

Spent six hours installing Wilwood 14″ 6 piston brakes, terminating air lines and setting the ride height of the rolling chassis. Also tightened all suspension bolts and greased ball joints. Spent two hours making repairs to the radiator core support and priming it.

Total man-hours: 524

March 23, 2012

Installed a Weldon fuel system, including two fuel filters, fuel pump, fuel tank return fitting and two -8AN fuel lines line. Also installed two Ride Tech air compressors.

Installed a March serpentine pulley system and R&M spark plug wire looms.

Total man-hours: 516

August 28, 2011

Installed a Wilwood proportioning valve and ran all the brake lines. Also ran the front air lines to the trunk area. Kevin has been helping a lot with the bodywork.

Total man-hours: 420

July 23, 2011

Installed Wilwood 4 Piston 11″ rear brakes and Magnaflow y-pipes with electrical cutouts.

Total man-hours: 376

June 6, 2011

Back to bodywork. FML.

June 5, 2011

Welded and painted the crossmember to accommodate the boxed frame. Also worked on the exhaust alignment.

Total man-hours: 237

May 28, 2011

Built the 3rd member for the Ford 9 inch and installed it and hooked up the driveshaft. Also mocked up the Magnaflow exhaust and installed the water pump.

Total man-hours: 229

May 22, 2011

Finished up the WRX (for now)…

May 12 and 13, 2011

Spent 4 hours aligning and installing the bellhousing, flywheel, clutch and transmission.

Also, spent 6 hours installing the valvetrain, headers, starter, valve covers, carburetor and air cleaner.

Also installed the rear air springs and new u-joints in the drive shaft.

Total man-hours: 221

May 10 and 11, 2011

Spent 8 hours installing the short block and assembling the top end of the motor.

Also spent 4 hours painting the rear end housing and installing it.

Total man-hours: 210

May 6 and 7, 2011

Spent 8 hours painting the engine block and accessories and bolting on the oil pump, pan, front cover and harmonic balancer.

Also spent 8 hours painting the sway bars and spindles and bolting on the front suspension.

Total man-hours: 196

February 17, 2011

Picked up my short block from R&R. Need to wait till spring to paint and assemble the rest of the engine.

Winter update:

I have decided to drop the EFI for now, my budget is getting out of control. It is something I can always add down the road.

I have hired Jason Rushforth to design the paint job due to my lack of imagination of paint schemes.

My short block is at R&R Machine in Londonderry being machined and assembled. It will be a 498 with 10:1 compression.

Bodywork sucks and I may hire someone in the spring to do it for me.

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